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Digital menu boards, advertisement screens, information screens, bespoke solutions.

New to digital signage?

Digital signage is typically the use of TV screens to share information or advertisments. But, as it's a TV screen, you can show whatever you want. Pictures, videos, time, date, weather, social media etc. and, it can change whenever you want. The options are endless. Let us show you how it could make a change to your business.


If you already have digital signage but find that it doesn't do what you want it to and it just feels outdated, then it may be time for an upgrade. We can replace your existing media players, signage players & media servers with our unique cloud-based digital signage player. We are constantly upgrading and delevoping our players & software.


Digital signage is useless without good quality, eye-catching content. If you need assistance with sprucing up your artwork or need a whole graphics package, then our graphical designers will be able to help. They can edit your exisiting content to make it display in the best possible way or work with you to create the look you want from scratch.


Keeping on top of the equipments' maintenance is essential. Whether it's annually or bi-annually, we will strip down all of your equipment, service it, carry out repairs if necessary and test its electrical safety. This gives you peace of mind and maintains the equipments' longevity.


We're only at the other end of the phone. Don't get stressed out if something isn't working properly. We can answer the phone 24/7 and assist you remotely when possible. Failing that, we always have engineers on standby ready to come out to help you.

Digital Signage

Our unique cloud-based player.

The Player

Our digital signage player packs a punch for its size. Weighing no more than 100g and fitting in the palm of your hand, it can deliver full HD video, audio, is Wi-Fi enabled and fits securely to the back of any TV display. Requring only a power supply & either wired or wireless internet, it can be deployed virtually anywhere.

The Software

All of our players run our cloud-based software too. You'll never have to worry about installing software, compatability errors etc. All you need is an internet browser. The players can be managed from any internet browser, anywhere via our Player Dashboard. Plus, we're always updating the software to bring you more features, which is free to all our customers.


All of the content for your display can be uploaded securely via our Player Dashboard and stored in the cloud. You don't need to transfer files to your player, it's done for you. When you create a show, your media (pictures, videos etc.) is transferred to the player and stored there until you delete your show. And, it's unlimited storage.


Show your customers pretty much what you want. Our system allows you to show videos, pictures, slideshows and much more. It has many built-in widgets allowing you to display the time, local weather, social media feeds, news headlines and even allows you the creation of custom widgets to display bespoke elements. Our support team can help you to create widgets too.


All of our digital signage customers receive 24-hour priority support with any issues. Most of the time, we can repair your problems remotely there and then. Failing that, our maintenence team can drop by at the earliest convenience and get you back up and running.


Simple, but eye-catching.

Here are some examples of how digital signage could be used in your business.


Share real-time statistics across your business with digital dashboards. Keep track of business vehicles, orders, stock or staff. Live.

Menu Boards

Easily change your menu or prices with digital menu boards. Show promotional content & special offers easily without having to have your signage reprinted.


Advertise your business, its services and special events to your passing customers on the high street.

Music Venues & Bars

Have your social media, upcoming events and drinks offers shown all over your venue. Create an interactive element where customers can Tweet or Text your signage to show a message.


Use digital signage at your exhibition or venue to show talk times, directional information & seating plans. Maybe stream the presentations to it so customers can see what's going on inside.

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