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What we can do for you.

From simple audio-visual installations to fully managed digital signage solutions.


Impressing your customers with audio-visual elements needs decent equipment. We will carefully select and source the best equipment for your space and application. Including high-defenition displays & mounting brackets, crystal-clear speakers & amplification systems and digital signage players.


All of our digital-signage players run powerful, cloud-based software giving you complete control over your display. Access your screen's control panel via the Display Labs portal anywhere in the world. From there, you can upload your content, create shows, playlists and fully automate your display.


Our team of installation engineers will ensure that your equipment is installed to acheive maximum interaction. It goes without saying that all our installations are carried out in the safest & neatest way possible.


Digital signage is useless without good quality, eye-catching content. If you need assistance is sprucing up your artwork or need a whole graphics package, then our graphical designers will be able to help. They can edit your exisiting content to make it display in the best possible way or work with you to create the look you want from scratch.


Keeping on top of the equipments' maintenance is essential. Whether it's annually or bi-annually, we will strip down all of your equipment, service it, carry out repairs if necessary and test its electrical safety. This gives you piece of mind and maintains the equipments' longevity.


We're only at the other end of the phone. Don't get stressed out if something isn't working properly. We can answer the phone 24/7 and assist you remotely when possible. Failing that, we always have engineers on standby ready to come out to help you.

Digital Signage

So powerful, yet so simple.


We only select the brightest, clearest dislpays for you business based on your application. Whether it's a large, bright display for a shop window or a subtle small display for your cafe. We will find the perfect display for you. Have your display mounted anywhere and however you like.


No need for a bulky PC or expensive media player. A tiny Raspberry Pi is all that's required to run our cloud-based digital-signage software. You don't need to worry about installing software or downloading apps etc. All of our players are managed and controlled via a simple website and our support team.


All of the content for your display can be uploaded and stored in the cloud. You don't need to transfer files to your player, it's done for you. When you create a show, your media (pictures, videos) is transferred to the player and stored their until you delete your show. And, it's unlimited.


Show your customers pretty much what you want. Our system allows you to show videos, pictures, slideshows and much more. It has many built-in widgets allowing you to display the time, local weather, social media feeds, news headlines and even allows you the creation of custom widgets to display bespoke elements. Our support team can help you to create widgets too.


Create playlists and schedules to change your content. You're not limited to one layout and one lot of content, playlists can change the content on your screen. You can schedule shows weeks in advanced. The player will even power on and power off the display.


All of our digital signage customers receive 24-hour priority support. Most of the time, we can repair your problems remotely there and then. Failing that, our maintenence team can drop by at the earliest convenience and get you back up and running.


Neat & tidy. The only way.

We don't want to see the cables either, so we make sure that we install your new hardware in the neatest, safest possible way.

Digital Signage

We won't just give you the equipment and leave you to it. Making sure that it's all installed correctly, safely, neatly and more importantly, to your requirements. We'll take care of everything from display mounting and electical work to network configuration and commissioning.

PA Systems

Let your customers hear the best too. If you just want to play some background music, blast music in your bar or even to amplify your digital sign's audio, then we can tailor make a system to your requirements.


Maybe you just need a simple projector and screen in your meeting room. Again, we will carefully select the appropriate equipment for your space whilst keeping it super-simple.

Hear What Our Clients Think

  • Author image
    Janet Searson Balanced Body Shop

    I didn't fully understand how impressive a digital signage system would look in my shop at first. Now I have two, and my customers give me a lot of positive feedback about them!

  • Author image
    Dan BalmentWarehouse Manager

    We now have a proper PA system that the guys can hear and clear order tracking screen in our warehouse, it's great

  • Author image
    Anthony BlairSmall Business Executive

    The projector and screen I needed for meetings is just perfect. It's so efficient and easy to use.


Questions and Answers.

Here's some of the answers to the questions we get asked quite often. But don't worry, if you're still unsure, just give us a call.

How often can I update the content?

Basically, whever you want. You have complete control over what your display shows and when. Although, if you're stuck, our support team can help you remotely.

Can I have more that one sign?

You can have as many screens as you like. They'll all be managed through the same webpage.

What if my internet connection goes off?

Don't worry, your signage player will continue to function offline for up to 30 days. However, you will not be able to change your display of play video streams or webpages etc.

I want my screen to change automatically each day. Can I do this?

The software will easily allow you to fully automate your display. You can create playlists and schedules to have your content change automatically over any time frame.

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